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The Best English Summer Camps in Germany 2023

Who is the best Summer Camp provider in Germany? Kids Camp America GmbH! (of course 😊)
Here’s why:

    • 1. English Staff: Our camps are led by native English speakers. This means that children will be immersed in the English language throughout their stay at camp, allowing them to improve their language skills in a fun and engaging way.
    • 2. Trained Teachers: Our camps are led by experienced teachers and educators who understand the pedagogy behind language learning and make our English lessons fun and exciting for kids and teens alike.
    • 3. Best Activities: Our camps offer a wide range of activities that are designed to appeal to children of all ages and interests. We offer the coolest American summer-camp types of activities like baseball, lacrosse, bubble football, and other typical American camp arts, crafts, and theater.
    • 4. Best Locations: Most of our camps are located in beautiful, natural settings that are perfect for children to explore and play in. Other camps are in easily accessible city-locations perfect for busy working parents.
    • 5. Safety and Security: Our camps are designed to be safe and secure, with a staff that is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of every child. We have strict safety protocols in place, and our staff is trained to handle any situation that may arise.
    • 6. The KCA Family: Our camps have a strong emphasis on teamwork and cooperation, which helps to build a sense of community. We call this the KCA Family. This sense of community is important for children to learn to work together and support each other as they learn and practice a new language.

Kids Camp America has the best English summer camps in Germany, providing an unparalleled experience for children in terms of language immersion, fun and engaging activities, beautiful natural settings, safety and security, and teamwork and cooperation. With our experienced staff and diverse community, children will have an unforgettable experience, learning and growing in a fun, safe, and stimulating environment. Overall, Kids Camp America is the best choice for parents looking to give their children a fun and engaging summer camp experience that will help them to improve their English skills and develop new interests.

Click the link below to see all our upcoming 2023 English Camps: English Camps Germany 2023



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The Best English Summer Camps in Germany 2023
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