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Our No Cell Phone Policy Explained

Cell phones have become an integral part of our daily lives, but their presence can be detrimental to the summer camp experience. At our KCA English Camps, we have a no cell phone policy in order to create a safe, distraction-free environment for our campers. Of course, campers can use our camp phone to reach their parents at any time, and parents can reach their campers as well by simply calling the camp phone as well. We also send regular updates with pictures and videos to parents. However, we discourage personal devices at our camp for the following reasons:

First, cell phones can be a major distraction for campers. Instead of fully immersing themselves in the camp experience, campers with phones can be tempted to text their friends at home or play mobile games. This can take away from the sense of community and connection that is formed at camp. Some of our locations have other summer camps on site which allow phones, and we have seen first-hand how campers only interact with their devices, and not with each other during their break times.

Second, cell phones limit children’s independence. Summer camp is a time to be away from parents, and to test your limits in a new place, away from home, with the support of new friends and acquaintances. Instead of challenging themselves to make new friends or overcome new challenges, campers with phones tend to use them whenever faced with any new difficulty, instead of speaking with our experienced counselors and staff. This limits the potential personal growth, self-reliance, and resilience that our summer camps can produce.

Lastly, cell phones can be a safety hazard at camp. Campers may be tempted to take their phones with them on hikes or other outdoor activities, putting themselves at risk of injury or getting lost. Of course, cell phones are valuable, and our camp cannot be responsible for phones getting broken or lost. In addition, as all parents know, it is difficult to control what sites or games campers are accessing on their cell-phones. This is even more difficult at camp.

In summary, cell phones can take away from the overall camp experience. Camp is a time for campers to disconnect from the distractions of everyday life and connect with nature and their peers. Cell phones can make it difficult for campers to fully immerse themselves in the camp experience, making it less enjoyable for them. This is why we believe that a strict no cell phone policy is important for the safety, well-being, and overall enjoyment of our campers. By keeping cell phones out of the camp environment, we are able to create a distraction-free environment where campers can fully engage in the activities and programs offered at camp, form a sense of community, and connect with nature and their peers in a meaningful way. Parents can always contact their campers through our camp phones – and we send regular pictures and updates to parents as well.

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