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KidsCampAmerica was founded in 2011, almost ten years ago. It is crazy to think that what began as a dream – to bring American style summer camps to Germany, would come this far and lasted this long. We have grown from a small summer day camp in Frankfurt to one that includes spring, fall, overnight, and intensive camps for teens all over Germany. To celebrate this amazing progress we have updated our look.

KCA is all about team-building – because we know that learning English can be scary without a team of friends to support you. At all our day camps for kids our groups have chants, secret hand shakes and names: the Cubs, Pandas, Bears, Grizzlies and Polar Bears. This is because we know that we learn better when we are supported and cared for. With this in mind we are proud of our new logo:

As the KCA song goes (the one that we sing every morning and afternoon at our Day Camps) “We are KCA.”  This feeling of unity is represented in the bear which forms the letter A. We have decided to call this Bear Casey. So please welcome Casey the Bear!

We look forward to having join our team this year.



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