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Online English lessons for Kids and Teens

Online English Lessons for Kids and Teens

KCA’s online English lessons are a great opportunity for kids and teens to interact with native English teachers from the comfort of their own home and on their own schedule. Our English teachers have years of experience teaching English as a second language to kids and teens and our lessons are known for being fun, educational, and engaging. Learning English online can be difficult, especially for kids who may have short attention spans. That is why KCA focusses on games and activities that hold kids’ interest and make the English language attractive and exciting.

Each student receives online interactive English textbooks which they work on during and after each lesson. Our teachers are careful to provide work throughout the week so the learning is continuous. We stay in contact with our families, sending them English work packets in between lessons to reinforce each child’s English learning.

In addition to our private Online English lessons for children, we also offer online group English lessons. This is another great way that kids and teens can interact with one another in English and make new friends with whom they can practice.

Click the link to learn more about our online English lessons for kids and teens. 

Join our English Camps!

One of the best things about our online English lessons is they encourage kids to join our English camps. It is wonderful to see our online students join our real world English camps and use their English skills with their new camp friends. Our online English students gain so much from mixing their online and offline English learning.

Click the link for more information about our English Day Camps and our English Overnight Camps. 




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