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New! Summer Camp in Stuttgart

Introducing Our Newest English Summer Camp Location in Stuttgart!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest English language camp in Stuttgart, offering the ultimate summer experience for children aged 5 to 12! Our experienced native English teachers are dedicated to creating an unforgettable summer camp filled with fun, learning, and the opportunity to forge new friendships. Throughout the day, children will not only enhance their English skills but also immerse themselves in a vibrant learning environment.

Our summer program goes beyond traditional English lessons, incorporating a variety of activities to ensure a well-rounded and enriching experience. Each afternoon, we provide entertaining arts and crafts activities, allowing children to unleash their creativity. Additionally, the program includes sports activities that not only promote physical activity but also strengthen teamwork. The days are further enriched with exciting excursions and impressive performances, transporting children into a world of English language and culture.

What sets our English camps in Baden-Württemberg apart is the creation of an English immersion atmosphere. We want children to not just learn the language but to live it. Participants will dive into the English language for an entire week, akin to a language exchange, right here in Germany. This immersive experience not only deepens their understanding of the language but also provides practical application in an authentic context.

With a diverse range of international participants, children will discover that English is a global language that connects them with people worldwide. This transcends traditional language instruction, opening doors to a global community. Campers will establish lifelong friendships with peers, providing a relaxed and supportive environment to practice and deepen their English skills. The intercultural exchange within our camp not only enhances language proficiency but also fosters an understanding of different cultures and perspectives.

Our English summer camp will be hosted at the Stuttgart International Youth Hostel, offering an ideal environment with picturesque seminar and classrooms for English lessons, as well as spacious outdoor areas for creative and sports activities. We have carefully considered every detail to ensure that your children have an unforgettable and educational week.

Enroll your children today and let them become part of this exciting English language adventure! Join us in discovering a world full of language, friendship, and fun—the ultimate summer awaits them!

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Stuart Taines Owner and Founder
Stuart Taines hat an der University of California in Berkeley einen Abschluss in englischer Literatur gemacht. Anschließend erwarb er seine Lehrbefähigung sowohl für den Grundschulunterricht (K-6) als auch für Englisch als Zweitsprache (K-12). In Kombination mit seiner langjährigen Tätigkeit als Leiter von Sommercamps für den YMCA in Sonoma County und für die University of California Science and Sports Camps gründete Stuart Taines 2011 min seinder Frau, Sarah, die Kids Camp America GmbH in Deutschland und organisiert seither Englischcamps für tausende zufriedene Familien in ganz Deutschland.


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