Mainz Overnight Camp Parent Handbook

English Summer Camp in Mainz with Overnight Stay

Key Information


Please make sure your child is checked in to the customer portal! For an explanation how to sign in to the portal and check in your child click here.

Rhein-Main-Jugendherberge Mainz
Otto-Brunfels-Schneise 4
55130 Mainz
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Time and Dates
Arrival/ welcome ceremony – Sunday 3:30pm
Departure/ closing ceremony – Saturday 9:30am

Campers who sign up for more than one week can either partake in our holdover program or they can go home for the day.

Youth Hostel
Rooms – 4-6 bed room with en-suite bathroom/ shower
Board – All meals and snacks included

Bed covers are provided by the youth hostel

Managing Director – Lori Nolte
Mail –
Office phone – +4917642480062

Typical Daily Schedule

Packing List

Toothbrush, toothpaste
Soap, shower gel, shampoo
Sunblock (will also be available at camp)
2 pairs of shoes
Sandals, flip flop, shower shoes
7-8 pairs of socks
7-8 pairs of underwear
2 pants
2 shorts, skirts
7-8 shirts
2 sweatshirts
Light jacket, raincoat
Sun hat
Swim towel
1-2 bath towels
Water bottle
Small bag
Medication (where applicable)
Paper and pen
White shirt for our tie dye activity
Pocket money (10-20€)

Bedcovers are provided by the hostel. Please mark all belongings clearly with the child’s name!
Board games and a selection of English books will be provided by KCA and can be checked out to play/ read in the room.

KCA will hold a “laundry day” once a week for campers staying two or more weeks.

Arrival Day

Check-in by 3:30pm Sunday
Check in is between 3:00 and 3:30pm on Sunday and takes place on the terrace of the hostel, which is located at the back of the building. Please walk past the right hand side of the reception desk and take the first door on your left that leads outside onto the stairs to the terrace. The check-in table will be clearly marked by a sign and our KCA staff will be available to assist you.

  1. Please bear in mind that parking is severely limited at the hostel. We reccommend parking in the nearby parking garage (Parkhaus Alt-Sachsenhausen) in Walter-Kolb-Strasse 16
  2. Check-in with the camp counsellor at the table
  3. Talk to the counsellor to tell them anything you think they need to know. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
  4. Proceed to your child’s room to set down their luggage.

Welcome Ceremony 3:30 – 4:00pm
At KCA we want all our campers and their families to feel welcome! That’s why we invite you to our welcome ceremony after check-in. From 3:30 to 4:00pm parents are invited to our camp overview and question forum held in our seminar room while the campers play group bonding games outside. Afterwards there will be some snacks for both parents and campers. At 4:00pm parents leave knowing their campers are in good hands at KCA.

Placement Test
After arrival on the first day, the teachers will lead each camper through a short placement test so he/ she can be placed in the appropriate group.

Departure Day

Closing Ceremony 9:30am
Our closing ceremony begins at 9:30am on Saturday. All parents are encouraged to attend. Certificates for all campers will be handed out and a video recap of the week will be presented. This is a great way to end a fantastic camp session.

Lost & Found
Each summer, we end up with a significant amount of lost items. Putting your camper’s name on their belongings and letting them know what has been packed for them is the best way of minimizing loss of items. Prior to your campers departure from camp, please check the lost and found.

Post Camp Communication
Please note that all communication with campers and their families will occur through our office. It is our policy that staff do not communicate with campers directly or visit them outside of camp. Thank you for respecting and understanding this policy.

Behavior At Camp

At Kids Camp Ameria, we encourage all members of our community to develop and adhere to the following attributes: principled, open-minded, caring, appreciative, cooperative, empathetic, enthusiastic, respectful and tolerant.

Campers are expected to

  • Respect all members of our camp community: other campers, teachers, parents and facility staff
  • Respect our facilities and property
  • Walk while indoors
  • Follow the essential agreements for the classroom and around camp
  • Be ready to learn and work while in English lessons
  • Take responsibility for his/her actions
  • Listen to adults and follow their directions
  • Be respectful and helpful

Essential agreements

Each KCA group will draw up essential agreements under the guidance of the class teacher on the first day of each session. These will be signed by the students and the teacher and displayed prominently in the classroom. When drawing up the agreements, the expectations and unacceptable behaviors in this policy will be considered and discussed with the children. In addition, all campers agree to adhere to our discipline policy upon registration.

Communicating With Your Camper

Phone Calls

KCA Camps are generally cellphone free!

There will be a dedicated time from 7 to 8pm in the evening, where kids can use their phones to call their parents or communicate with their friends at home. Outside of that time slot, phones will be collected and held by the camp director.

Kids who choose not to bring their phones to camp will be able to make calls via the camp phone. They can of course do so in private, away from the other kids and counselors. Likewise, if parents would like to contact their kids at camp, they can do so via the “on site” camp phone.

When considering whether or not to send your child to camp with a cellphone, please consider the following:

  1. Cellphones are an easy distraction and therefore make it harder for your child to make new friends and integrate into the group
  2. “Unplugging” leaves more room for real life experiences and often brings a sense of relieve
  3. Camp is a place where children can develop confidence and independence. Where they can learn to rely on themselves and become resilient. Bringing a phone to camp means they are sill relying on their parents.
  4. When parents send their child to camp with a phone, they essentially send the message that they don’t trust them to be independent.
  5. Because of this reliance, cellphones tend to itensify home sickness.
  6. Cellphones are expensive and can get lost or broken. KCA is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged phones

If you wish to learn how your child is doing, you can always contact the office in Frankfurt (24 hours) or the director at camp (7-8pm unless in emergencies).

Social Media

Each camp will be posting pictures regularly on a closed Facebook group. To join the group please

Please note! We can only take pictures if you have given us photo permission. Please make sure to tick the photo permission box when checking in!

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