Weekend Adventure Camp

Englisches Abenteuercamp für Jugendliche

Kids Camp America is proud to present its newest English adventure in Hessen! Teens between the ages of 12 and 15 can join our English Weekend Adventure full of canoeing, games, sports, hiking, self-confidence, and teamwork activities – all in English. We hire native English-speaking counselors, physical education, and English instructors to ensure the best possible development for our participants. Our campers make new friends, challenge themselves physically, learn communication skills for collaboration on challenging tasks and gain confidence to survive in nature – all in English. Click the Book Camp button to register your child for our Weekend Adventure Camp. We look forward to having you.


  • Small groups, 4 to 1 camper/trainer ratio
  • An entire weekend of English immersion adventures
  • Fun activities specifically for adolescents aged 12-15
  • A direct drop-off in Nassau to begin the trip on canoes rented from KanuCharter
  • Canoeing 6 kilometers through Bad Ems from Nassau to Fachbach
  • Two nights of camping at the Fachbach Beachclub
  • Activities to facilitate the physical, social and mental health for adolescent children
  • KCA T-Shirt
  • KCA Certificate
  • No hidden costs: Tents, canoes, food, and materials included


Camp Start Date
Camp End Date
Camping Beachclub Fachbach
Furtweg 14
D-56133 Fachbach
Weekly Prices
€300 each weekend