Online Group Lessons Teens

Online Group Lessons Teens

KCA’s 45 Minute Group Online Lessons are a great way for kids aged 11 – 18 to learn and practice English. These lessons allow your child to keep up with their English skills in the comfort of your own home following their own schedule. Each teen receives a copy of the Solutions e-book targeted at their level and published by Oxford University Press.

What we offer:

  • ESL Certified, native English teachers
  • Small group sizes – group lessons start at 2 kids
  • Fun, engaging, and educational online lessons
  • Online resources to use at your own schedule
  • Includes a copy of the Solutions e-book published by Oxford University Press
  • Lessons on your schedule in the comfort of your home
  • Group size max of 5

KCA 45 Minute Group Lessons
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Online via Zoom
No software download needed!
Weekly Prices
~€22/week. Weekly lessons!
- €25 one off fee for e-book