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English Summer Camps in all of Germany

New: Parents Can Now Filter Our Camps by State!

We are excited to announce that parents now have the option to filter and register for our English Summer Camps by German state! Our English camps offer a unique experience with native English-speaking teachers, professionally planned English lessons, and activities and excursions that include wilderness and adventure activities.

Baden-Württemberg: Day and Overnight Camps in Freiburg
Our English summer camps in Baden-Württemberg, especially in the charming city of Freiburg, not only offer English lessons by native speakers but also the opportunity to explore the stunning nature of the region. Day and overnight camps provide flexibility for parents and a rich program for the children.

Bavaria: English summer camps in Munich
In Bavaria, we offer unique English camps that provide a mix of English lessons and Bavarian hospitality in a stunning setting. Stay tuned for more details!

Berlin: Day Camps in Berlin Mitte
In the bustling capital of Berlin, we offer English day camps in the heart of Berlin Mitte. The camps combine English lessons with the exciting atmosphere of the city, creating an inspiring learning environment for participants.

Hesse: Camps in Day and Overnight Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, and on the Edersee
In Hesse, we offer both day and overnight camps at various locations. From the vibrant cities of Frankfurt and Wiesbaden to the idyllic Edersee – our English camps in Hesse provide a variety of environments for English learning and adventure.

Rheinland-Pfalz: Day and Overnight Camps in Mainz
Our English camps in Rheinland-Pfalz not only explore the historical city but also offer overnight accommodations for a more immersive experience. Learning English and experiencing the beauty of the region – a perfect combination.

Saxony: Overnight Camps in Schöneck
In Saxony, we offer English overnight camps in Schöneck, providing a combination of English lessons and adventure amidst the Saxon nature. A perfect opportunity for children to learn English and enjoy the picturesque surroundings.

Thuringia: Day Camps in Erfurt and Eisenach
Our English day camps in Thuringia, especially in Erfurt and Eisenach, not only teach children English but also allow them to experience the history and culture of this fascinating region.

Parents now have the ability to filter specifically by state and choose the perfect English camp for their children. We look forward to welcoming children from across Germany to our dynamic and educational camps!



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English Summer Camps in all of Germany
New: Parents Can Now Filter Our Camps by State! We are excited to announce that parents now have the option to filter and …
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