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English Summer Camp Berlin

KidsCampAmerica is proud to announce our  Berlin English Day Camp and Berlin English Overnight Camp . Our full immersion English camps make learning, practicing, and speaking English fun, engaging, and enjoyable. Our Day Camp makes childcare easy in the summer and for that extra experience we also offer round the clock care at our Overnight Camp.

English Day Camp Berlin

Our English day camps are perfect for children aged 5 – 12, at all levels of comprehension – from complete beginner to native speaker. Every year we welcome thousands of campers from all over the world who play, sing songs, create art and perform drama – all day and all in English. We are a family run camp and that’s why we’ve designed them to be as flexible as possible. You can book one week at a time, or for the entire holiday. You can book just the mornings, just the afternoons, or all day, or with extended hours early and late. You can book with peace of mind knowing that your child is at one of our camps, being cared for by professionals, learning, playing, and living English.

English Overnight Berlin

This includes full room and board and fun, adventurous excursions throughout the city of Berlin. At KCA we bring the English language to life – our motto is “Don’t just learn English, live it!”. There is no better way to do this than by joining one of our overnight camps where every moment is filled with activities, excursions, games, sports, and new friends. Our campers forget they are there to learn English – it just happens! They leave with new friends, unforgettable memories and suddenly discover, when they are back in their English classes at school, that their English has dramatically improved over the summer. There is nothing better than seeing this progress.

Founded in 2011 KCA is a highly reputed German company providing English language education to children and teens during the school holidays. For ten years we have been running activity-driven language camps in Germany, welcoming thousands of campers each year. Our combination of activities, excursions, and English language learning makes the English language more memorable and applicable to our campers’ lives. Campers come to us to learn English because they know that learning English is essential in today’s world. They enjoy using their new skills to communicate with our multi-cultural clientele and quickly realize that English is truly today’s international language.

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Stuart Taines Owner and Founder
Stuart Taines hat an der University of California in Berkeley einen Abschluss in englischer Literatur gemacht. Anschließend erwarb er seine Lehrbefähigung sowohl für den Grundschulunterricht (K-6) als auch für Englisch als Zweitsprache (K-12). In Kombination mit seiner langjährigen Tätigkeit als Leiter von Sommercamps für den YMCA in Sonoma County und für die University of California Science and Sports Camps gründete Stuart Taines 2011 min seinder Frau, Sarah, die Kids Camp America GmbH in Deutschland und organisiert seither Englischcamps für tausende zufriedene Familien in ganz Deutschland.


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