Organizing a class-trip? Let KCA English Camps do that for you!

You're a teacher, you're busy, you're stressed. And now you have to organize a class trip for your students? Why do it yourself when you can let KCA English Camps do it for you?! We will handle all the organization, from finding the location, to creating the weekly plan and the daily schedule. We will even handle all the registrations, collect all the student information, and make sure everyone is paid up and ready to go once the trip starts. Of course, we work with you along the way so your class trip is run professionally and successfully. Read on for more information.
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KCA English Class Trips - the best class trips in Germany!

Meet KCA-
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KCA has been running English Camps for Kids and Teens for well over a decade in cities and towns across Germany. Every year thousands of kids come to our camps during their school holidays and even more attend our class trips!

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Why have KCA organize your class-trips?

  • Proven, high-quality, professionally run class-trips without the fuss

    For over 10 years KCA has run English camps both day and overnight for thousands of children and teens across cities and towns in Germany. We guarantee a professionally-run and high-quality English class-trip that your students will enjoy and learn from.

  • We take the organization out of your hands

    You’re a teacher, or a busy administrator in a school – and now you’ve been tasked with organizing a class-trip for your students. KCA English Camps understands the difficulties and time requirements involved in organizing the logistics. We’ll organize the transportation, the lodging, the catering, and all the reservations. We take all the organization out of your hands so you can focus on the important things.

  • Custom-made programs designed to fit the needs of your students

    KCA will work with you from the very beginning to create an English program custom-designed to fit the needs of your students. Do you teach middle-school students and want a program to prepare them for an English qualification? We can organize special morning English lessons full of the vocabulary, grammar, listening, and speaking skills they will need to succeed. Plus – we’ll plan adventure excursions and activities for each afternoon! Do you teach primary-school students and want them to experience our proven play and project-based English lessons with summer camp activities and excursions in the afternoon? We can do that too!

  • The best locations, the best teachers, the best program

    You let us know the preferred region you wish your class to visit and we will do the rest. KCA English Camps promises quality locations with plenty of opportunities for fun and engaging activities and excursions. Plus, we provide the best native-English speaking teachers to lead our programs experienced in making class-trips exciting, educational, and memorable for all your students.

There are 3 types of KCA English Camps Class Trips

Depending on your students’ goals and needs

English Mornings

KCA handles all the organizational logistics of your class-trip and plans and organizes morning English lessons around your students’ needs led by our native English-speaking instructors

You plan afternoon excursions and lead those with your team.


Costs vary greatly from location to location.

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Whole Day Fun

KCA handles all the organizational logistics of your class-trip and plans and organizes morning English lessons around your students’ needs led by our native English-speaking instructors

We also plan and lead all the afternoon excursions and activities.

You relax with your Team – KCA handles the rest.


Costs vary greatly from location to location.

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Custom Program

If your students have highly specific English learning goals for their class-trip, KCA can develop an educational curriculum that targets those needs (for example exam preparation).

We work hard to make sure your students have the most fun and the most educational experience possible. 


Costs vary greatly from location to location.

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Next steps

Speak with one of our friendly class-trip organizers
As soon as we receive your questionnaire we will email you details for our first telephone call.
Create a program
You tell us your goals for this class trip. Is it to prepare your students for an English exam in a fun and engaging way? Is it to give your students a fun English immersion experience? We work with you to develop the best program for your students.
Finalize the details
Once all the details are finalized, we are ready to go. The location is set, transportation is reserved, the program is created and we are ready to share the details with your students.
We'll create a special website just for your class trip and just for your students. You share this with your student's families and we take care of the rest. We handle all the registration forms. We create a special link for your students that you can share and collect the payments and fees directly from the parents. This saves you time and energy!
We communicate with you throughout the registration process so you know which students are registered and which need to be reminded.
The best class trip ever!
Finally, we are ready - we make sure your class arrives at the location safe and sound, get them checked-in and our teachers and group leaders take over - running our English lessons and leading fun activities and excursions. Your class trip is already off to a great start!

Start today! The sooner you begin, the sooner we can start planning your English class trip

Let KCA take over the class-trip organization. Give your students an experience they will never forget!

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No! KCA has over a decade of experience running English camps for kids and teens all across Germany. Thousands of kids come to us each year and of course, they all have different language abilities. We have years of experience creating programs that are perfect for every level of English; from complete beginner to native-speaking level.

Ideally now! If not now, tomorrow 🙂 As you know, class trips take a while to plan, prepare, and organize. KCA needs a significant lead time to find lodging in the area of your choice. Contact us today to begin!


Of course, KCA provides the best, most enthusiastic, and most engaging native-English-speaking teachers in Germany!

Yes, KCA can plan and organize a class-trip around your students’ budget. Let us know what that is and we will handle the rest.

If You Have Any Unanswered Questions, please contact us.
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