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Teacher Munich Day Camp
Hi I'm Abi 🙂 I grew up in a small village in England with my three older siblings. There were more sheep than people and more tractors than cars in my village. Now I am at Oxford University, studying Chemistry. I love sports, reading and all things outdoors. I currently play netball for my uni team and I very much hope that we will have lots of fun sports sessions at camp this summer!
Coordinator Freiburg Overnight Camp
Hi I’m Anisha from England. This will be my third year directing a KCA camp and I can't wait for all the fun adventures! I am so excited to meet and get to know the new campers and teach them lots of English. One of my passions is sports and athletics - especially volleyball. I hope everyone is ready for many competitive games of volleyball.
Teacher Frankfurt Day Camp
Hey guys, I am Alice from the UK. I am in my third year studying Arabic and Linguistics at the University of Manchester. I loooooove languages! I speak Mandarin, French and Arabic, have a good knowledge of Ancient Greek and Latin and am currently teaching myself Norwegian, Modern Greek, and German. I can't wait to meet you all and teach you English!
Coordinator Berlin Day Camp
I earned my Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in New York. After completion of my studies, I worked as an English Teacher in Russia, Austria and the Czech Republic. Due to my strong interest in language education and young learners, I will be directing KCA's Berlin Camp. I look forward to sharing my passion for music, history and travel with all students this Summer.
Teacher Edersee Overnight Camp
Hey Campers, my name is Candace. I looooove sports, especially swimming, so I am very excited to spend my summer at KCA's Edersee camp. I am a lifeguard and swim teacher. I also volunteer to teach English to a variety of students, both kids and adults. I am looking forward to combining those two passions - swimming/ sports and teaching and spend an amazing summer with all of you at the Edersee!
Coordinator Family Camp
Hello! I’m Carina, an avid runner and nature lover. I have a degree in English literature from Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa, United States. While I was attending Wartburg, I ran NCAA DIII cross country and track and field and served as a student leader for the Sustainability Department. I love learning languages and exploring new places!
Teacher Edersee Overnight Camp
Hi, my name is Charlotte. I am an aspiring biomedical engineer from Scotland and as such love exploring the world and figuring our how things work. I have been volunteering at the "Girl Guiding Charity" where I help organize all sorts of activities for children. I am looking forward to joining KCA this summer and can’t wait to explore the Edersee area with you guys. I hope you're ready for some awesome adventures at camp!
Teacher Stuttgart Day Camp
Hi all, my name is Charlotte. I completed the 35 Miles and 45 Miles Ten Tors and Peak Assault Challenge as well as the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Duke of Edinburgh awards. So as you can imagine, I love hiking and the outdoors. I also play netball and was voted Teignbridge Titans Netball Captain of the year. I can’t wait to meet you all and play some sports, get outside and learn lots of English!
Coordinator Munich Overnight Camp
Hello my name is Chelsey! I am originally from the United States where I received a degree in psychology. I’m currently living in Spain where I work as a language assistant. In addition to that, I am getting a Masters in Teaching! I have spent several years working at camps and I am excited for this summer!
Teacher Frankfurt Day Camp
Hi my name is Esme. I read Natural Science at Cambridge Univeristy and am currently enrolled in the University's Toefl program. In my free time I tutor children in Maths and English. I also hold a Duke of Edinburgh bronze award and love doing Yoga.
Coordinator Tba
Hi there, my name is Elliot. I study poilitics at the University of Oxford and have always been passionate about education and languages. Apart from tutoring students in French and German, I also coach a local under-9s football team. I am excited to join KCA this summer and meet lots of people from various backgrounds and cultures. In my spare time I love to row, play football and rugby, and to play the guitar.
Teacher Stuttgart Day Camp
Hi, my name is Florence and I am from the UK. I am passionate about drama, arts and languages! I have been taking drama lessons since I was six years old, so I am especially excited about running the drama club at KCA! I also play hockey and have been volunteering as a first aid responder at various sports events.
Teacher Munich Day Camp
Hello! I’m Frances Machattie! I was born in Sydney, Australia, but moved to the UK in 2014, and now study at Liverpool University. Some hobbies of mine include rock climbing and language learning. I study Spanish and German and took a semester of evening classes for Japanese too! A dream of mine is to one day be a polyglot and I can't wait to hear all about the different langauges you guys can speak!
Coordinator Edersee Overnight Camp
My name is Gabi from Dallas, Texas. For the past 5 years, I've been living and teaching in Spain as an ESL teacher, and find my job really rewarding. I consider myself a very curious person so I enjoy a variety of hobbies, such as cooking, reading, photography, art, and most importantly, anything active! This is my first year as Camp Director at Edersee and I'm really excited to implement my passions into creating a safe, and fun learning environment
Coordinator tba
I'm Gao, from a city called Rustenburg in the North West of South Africa. I'm passionate about teaching, travel and music (a great variety) , my favorite soccer team is Arsenal and this is the best time to be an Arsenal fan with the league in our grasp. I've been working with KCA since 2022 and have greatly enjoyed the camps and meeting the wonderful kids we have the pleasure of teaching.
Teacher Schöneck Overnight Camp
Hi there, my name is Genevieve and I am from England. I am a passionate writer and love to travel. I plan to become a teacher and specialise in teaching disadvantaged students, because I really care about using my skills to make a difference to people's lives and futures. In my free time I play badminton and am a member of the fencing team at my University
Teacher Frankfurt Day Camp
I am Grace and I am a student at Cambridge University reading natural science. I am a member of my local scouts where I volunteer to organize weekly clubs and scouts night's as well as day and overnight camps during the holidays. I also volunteer at the Cambridge Community Kitchen. I speak Spanish and tutor a group of GCSE students in math. I am outgoing, adventurous and love motivating others, so don’t be shy asking me questions!
Teacher Frankfurt Overnight Camp
I am Jamie, a second year Chemistry student at the University of Warwick. Some of my interests are new cultures, languages and travel and I have travelled many parts of Europe as well as the US. In my free time I also enjoy rugby and cricket I have been a member of the local youth bowling club for 11 years, during which I have taken part and won in many national competitions.
Teacher tba
Hey there, I’m Josh, and I’m a psychology student from Glasgow in Scotland. This will be my first time at KCA, and I can’t wait to test myself and throw myself into new challenges. I am very athletic, being a passionate ice hockey player and also playing sports like golf as well as always looking for adventure. I also follow sports like football, and I am a season ticket holder at my hometown club, Rangers FC.
Teacher Frankfurt Overnight Camp
Hey, I am Inés. I love to paint, dance, read, do sports, watch movies and get crafty. When I don’t do those things, I study liberal arts and teach myself new languages. I also love animals! Can’t wait to meet you at the KCA summer camp 🙂
Teacher Munich Day Camp
Hi my name is Josh and I study biology at Oxford University in England. I have a keen passion for sports, especially golf, football and skiing. I volunteer at a program to help student from less privileged backgrounds get into Oxford Univeristy to study. In my freetime, I coach football and I am also a qualified football referee. So there better be no fouls during our many games of football at camp!
Teacher Berlin
Hi there, I am Jamima and I can't to wait all of you! I am a student of Art and History at University College London. I love the outdoors and Museums. I even work at one - the Natural History Museum in London - as a learning volunteer. And I hope that I will be able to teach you lots of English this summer 🙂
Director Munich Day Camp
Hi! My name is Juliana Reutemann. I’m from New York City and I moved to Munich a couple of years ago. I graduated with a degree in I/O Psychology and worked for Ernst & Young in Learning and Development for several years. Traveling, Event planning, and Funfair are three hobbies I enjoy the most!
Teacher Munich Day Camp
Hi I'm Karishma from England. I have many hobbies, including reading, but what I love to do most is dance! I'm an Indian classical dance artist. My favourite food is pancakes with ice cream. As a volunteer at Gujarati Hindu Society school, I got lots of experience teaching Gujarati to children between the ages of 5 and 16. I currently study medical science at the University of Oxford.
Teacher Frankfurt Day Camp
Hi my name is Lilly and I am from England. My goal is to become a teacher, because I love to pass on my knowledge. In my role as a library volunteer I have been teaching kids how to read. In my free time I am a keen sewer and knitter and have been running activity clubs to teach kids how to sew and knit as well. I can’t wait to get crafty together at camp!
Teacher Family Camp
Hi kids, my name is Martha. I am studying to become a teacher, because I want to inspire and positively impact the lives of the younger generation. I have lots of experience as a private tutor and a volunteer teaching assistant in the UK. And I am very excited to have the opportunity to be teaching in Germany over the summer! One of my hobbies is writing stories, so I think we will have lots of fun telling campfire stories together!
Coordinator tba
Hello, my name is Meadhbh and I am from Ireland. I’m currently studying history, politics and languages at University because I am passionate about these subjects. In my free time, I enjoy reading writing, travelling and especially rowing. I also love teaching English and working with children of all ages in Summer camps and can’t wait to get started with KCA!
Coordinator Day Camp Stuttgart
Hello! My name is Michaela, I am originally from South Africa, but have been living in Germany for the past 10 years. I have had the joy of teaching English with KCA for 2 years now and am currently pursuing my studies in psychology and education. In my free time I enjoy playing basketball, swimming as well as reading.
Teacher Frankfurt Day Camp
Hello! My name is Omar. I love experiencing different cultures and helping students achieve their language learning goals! I have been teaching English since I was a kid myself. First, to members of my own family, later as a volunteer language assistent at my local primary school and to refugees through a US program called "Project Rousseau". I am currently a student at Cambridge University reading History.
Teacher Edersee Overnight Camp
Hi, my name is Orla. I love the outdoors, being in nature, exploring and teaching others about how the world works. I was a Lieutenant for the "Irvine Boys Brigade" where I coordinated activities and organized themed nights for the scounts. I am expecting to finish my Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering right before I head to Germany this summer.
Teacher Schöneck Overnight Camp
Hey Campers! My name is Rhianna and I am a bubbly, fun character who is adventurous and loves challenges. I play the cello in the county orchestra and am a member of my local choir. I have been a dancer for 13 years and now teach my own dance classes as well as run summer dance camps for kids and teens. Let’s go and have some awesome adventures together this summer!
Teacher Family Camp
My name is Phoebe and I love drama, acting and languages, which is why I read English literature at University. As a member of the Northern Academy of Performing Arts, I have been acting and singing in lots of musicals and theater shows. I even performed as a scare actor for one of the biggest Halloween scare mazes in the UK - that was pretty fun! At the "Old School House Nursery", I worked as a teacher's assistant, organizing activities and play hours for the kids.
Teacher Hohenstaufen Class Trip
I've lived in the Appalachian Mountains for most of my life. Growing up in a rural part of the United States created within me a desire to discover the rest of the world. I've always wanted to work in Education and found that my passion for travelling could be fueled by my ability to teach. I've fallen in love with my life here in Germany and working with KCA has opened up a world of possibilities that I never before imagined.
Coordinator Schöneck Overnight Camp
My name is Rupert and I study Philosophy and French at the University of Bristol, while also attending the Toefl program at my University to become a certified Toefl teacher (teaching English as a second language). Last summer I worked as a teaching assistant at a school in Bordeaux, France. I speak French, Spanish and Portugese. In my free time, I play piano and have been working as an accompanist.
Coordinator Frankfurt Day Camp
My name is Sarah and I'm from Pretoria, South Africa. In 2013, I moved to Frankfurt with my family with the intention of staying for only three years. I never left 🙂 I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and have been working as an English teacher for the past 5 years. My love for camp started at the age of 10 when I attended my first camp in Natal, South Africa. When I am not working, I enjoy hiking and diving.
Teacher Frankfurt Day Camp
Hi my name is Scarlett. I study History and Politics at the University of Oxford. As the oldest of 5 kids, I have lots of experience being around younger kids. I am also a certified Gymnastics coach with British Gymnastics and coach kids between 3 and 13 years. In my free time I enjoy dancing and am a member of my Universitity’s rowing team.
Teacher Family Camp
Hi, I am Sophie from England. I would describe myself as sporty, outdoorsy, fun-loving, friendly and approachable. I gained my PADI rescue scuba diver qualification in 2019, the same year I completed the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. Apart from scuba diving, I am an avid skier, cyclist and runner and am looking forward to lots of exciting, adventurous outdoor activities at camp!
Teacher Frankfurt Overnight Camp
Hey there, I am Vasilisa. I am passionate about languages, which is why I speak English, Russian, Spanish and a little bit of German. Next year, I am planning to take Spanish at University. I have also enjoyed mentoring younger students as well as coaching a ballet class and seeing them progress over the months. Let's see how much English we can learn together!

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