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New! English Class Trips in Germany
New! English Class Trips in Germany for School Children and Teens Kids Camp America GmbH is excited to introduce its lates…
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Ignite Your Child’s Passion: The Opportunities of Summer Camp
Summer camp is an incredible opportunity to ignite your child's passion for something they love. Whether it be sports, music,…
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New! English Camps in Thuringia
We are thrilled to announce that our KCA English camps are expanding to two new locations in Thuringia, Germany - Erfurt and …
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Pfingsten (Pentacost) Camps in Germany
KCA's Pfingsten English Camps in Germany are an exciting way for students to improve their English skills while experiencing …
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Our No Cell Phone Policy Explained
Cell phones have become an integral part of our daily lives, but their presence can be detrimental to the summer camp experie…
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The Best English Summer Camps in Germany 2023
Who is the best Summer Camp provider in Germany? Kids Camp America GmbH! (of course 😊) Here’s why: 1. English St…
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Our Camps in Germany

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